In Translation: Training Continues On National Day, Amateur Vs Professional On The Day After

Many Chinese are enjoying a week-long holiday (China's National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival). Meanwhile Chinese National Table Tennis Team members have their training as usual despite the holiday. Apart from the national team members, there are a few unfamiliar faces showed up in the training hall of the national team.

Training never stops during holiday but the Chinese National Table Tennis Team has some special guests joining them in the training hall. They are outstanding players from the amateur table tennis events (aged 30-39 group) of 2017 National Games, Shen Peng, Shen Jianyu, Zhao Lei and Meng Ziqi. The 4 players will form Amateur Team and play against national team member, Zhou Kai, Wang Chuqin, Wang Manyu and Sun Yingsha on 2 October. They also have a chance to train with national team member for 2 days on 30 September and 1 October.

The national team coach has been very supportive in the 2-day training and has given customized training plan and constructive advice to the amateur players. One of the amateur players is Zhao Lei whose childhood dream is to enter the national team. Although she didn't become a national team member due to various reasons, having a chance to train alongside with national team members and receive advice from national team coaches is an amazing experience to her. She brought her 6-year-old child to the national team to have a glance of the high-level training in the national team.

Training may not be the best pastime for holiday but training alongside with Chinese National Team members certainly gives the amateur players a memorable and delightful holiday. 

Source: Table Tennis World, 国庆乒乓盛宴,谁更技高一筹?“草根”VS“国手”对抗赛

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