2018 CTTSL: Round 8 Nov 28--Close Match On Women's Side

Sun Mingyang is definitely the star from last round as she won 3-0 over Wang Manyu and ended Shandong Luneng's winning streak. Bayi Nanchang will be playing against another strong team Hongan Niuye. Meanwhile, Shandong Luneng will face off the challenge from Shenzhen University. Find out more about Round 8 of 2018 CTTSL.

2018 CTTSL: Round 7 Nov 24--What's After a Good Start?

Both Ma Long and Dimitrij Ovtcharov get off a good start in the last round but it might be a tough match coming up this weekend. On the women's side, Shandong Luneng remains undefeated after 6 rounds leading the leaderboard, can they maintain the lead? Find out more about Round 7 of 2018 CTTSL.

2018 CTTSL: Round 6 Nov 21 -- Dima in China, Ma Long is Back!!!

Guess what? Dimitrij Ovtcharov is in China and will be competing for Jiangsu Zhongchao! Yes, Dima will be at 2018 CTTSL!!! Find more information about Round 6 below!

2018 CTTSL: Round 5 Nov 17-- Table Tennis Never Cut-And-Dried

Many may find Round 4 was just not quite the CTTSL we are used to or the results did not turn out the way we would have predicted. It's never easy to compete with a jet lag and tired body but with a few days to go to Round 5 hopefully the athletes will make their way out. Check out the schedule and other information about Round 5!

2018 CTTSL: Round 4 Nov 14--Post-World Tours

2018 CTTSL is back after a one-month hiatus! Some players have just played the Swedish Open and Austrian Open earlier this month and may be still fighting jet lag or perhaps hoping to turn their experiences into excellence at the league. Let's dive in to see when and who to follow in round 4 of 2018 CTTSL!